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Pizza Warmer Display

Pizza Warmer Display

Commercial pizza warmers, pizza warmer display on Sale - shop Free Shipping options- Made in USA

Pizza Hot Food Display

Pizza, the food of the soul. Loved by man, woman and child is possibly one of the greatest foods available. And no one likes cold, soggy pizza (unless you are into that) which is why the Pizza warmer display is right up there with Pizza.

Pizza came into existence ages ago when people started putting toppings on flatbreads. Modern pizza was developed in Naples when tomato was added in the late 18th century.

The insulated pizza warmer bags used for delivery were invented by Ingrid Kosar. However, for people who are in pizza parlors or passing by your store cannot benefit from the delivery bag. They need something more visual. Pizza that is hot and ready to go. Pizza that can keep them company in this fast track life. And for that there is nothing better than the pizza warmer display.

Browse from our several different models such as 20 inch pizza warmer display case to find the right hot food case display that bests suits your needs.

Here are some of your most frequently asked questions answered -

What does the Pizza Warmer display do?

As the name suggests, it keeps the pizzas warm and allows you to display it beautifully.


How does the Pizza Warmer display work?

There is a temperature controlled heating element that keeps delicious pizzas warm. There is also a 60 W light bulb that draws people’s attention to the pizza.


Where can you place the pizza warmer display?

Anywhere you like. Place it at eye level, right on your counter top, for people who are in a rush. It is extremely lightweight which gives you all the flexibility to place it wherever you want.


What is so special about the pizza warmer display?

There are polycarbonate windows that allow the pizza to be seen from all angles. After all, we do eat with our eyes. And, this is made out of aluminum.


Where is the pizza warmer display made?

These hot food display cases are hand-made right here in US.


Can you use the pizza warmer display for other food?

Absolutely. You can place any food item that needs to kept warm at about 140-160 degrees.


How much power will it suck up?

The pizza warmer display needs only 5.5 A of power (depending on the model).


What size pizza can fit in the display?

Depends on the model you choose to buy. You can fit pizza from 9 inches to all the way up to 21 inches.


How much clearance is there in front of the doors?

Again, depending on the model you can have about 18 inches of clearance.


How much does the pizza warmer display weigh?

The average weight is about 30 pounds. There are some models that are a little heavier or slightly less bulky too.


Are there any special design features?

Check out all the models to understand which design fits your needs. Some of the models come with a humidity tray and swivel wheels. One model has a slanting front and pass through doors (doors on both sides). There are some models that are designed for better airflow inside the display case. Also, depending on the model you can get 2 to 3 shelves in your pizza warmer display case.


Do I get free shipping for these pizza warmer displays?

There is free shipping in the continental US, excluding Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and Canada.


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